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In the heart of the Wood Realm, the Hermit, a solitary figure, breaks his long-standing silence when the intrusion of De La Noche disrupts the First World. He invites Speakers from the other four Elemental Realms (Avani, Anhe, Rhys, and Doruk) for a meeting to decide the fate of their world.
According to ancient tradition, the meeting took place within the context of a game called Chain Of Trust, the oldest game in the First World, which highlights the importance of balance in all things. This particular gathering is a turning point in the history of the First World, as it leads to the Founding of the Earth City, a beacon of unity amidst the chaos sowed by De La Noche.

Breaking the Silence

Deep within the heart of the untamed Wood Realm lived the Hermit.

Having spent countless years in solitude, the Hermit knew the value of silence better than most.

But the time for silence had come to an end.

De La Noche’s attack on the First World had thrown the Wood Realm into chaos and sent the Ox into a frenzy. With the other Pillars busier than ever, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the First World followed suit. Something had to be done.

The Five Founders

The Hermit invited four Speakers, respected leaders of their respective Elemental Realms, to discuss the future of the First World. After this night, these five people would go on to be known as the Founders of the Earth City.

One by one, they entered the Hermit’s hut, suspended far above the forest floor.

Avani entered first, a stalwart figure representing the Earth Realm, sitting across from the Hermit with unwavering composure.

Anhe arrived second, climbing the stairs with the Water Realm’s characteristic fluidity and grace. She took a seat by the Hermit’s side.

Rhys of the Fire Realm entered third, with a scowl that mirrored the volcano’s rage, and sat between Avani and the Hermit.

Lastly, Doruk, a metal-clad sentinel of the Ferric Lands blessed with a sharp intellect, took the remaining spot in silence.

The Hermit insisted that, according to the age-old traditions of the First World, they would begin their meeting with a round of Chain Of Trust.

The Hermit beckoned the others to gather around and add their pieces of the game board to his own.

The Hermit rolled a 12-sided die to determine the game type.

“Ah, ‘Memories of the Serpent’… How appropriate.”

Already, the players exchanged cautious glances and hushed words in preparation for the game to come, hoping to cement alliances early, until the Hermit’s voice silenced them.

“Now, before we begin, tell me how you think we should save our home.”

Voices of the Elements

Anhe, reflecting the fluidity of the Water Realm, focused on adaptability in the face of change. The world will never be the same; it is time to focus on the future.

Rhys, fiery spirit ablaze, was eager to cut down the Intruder and his crew. Something had to be done about them as soon as possible.

Avani, true to their Earthly nature, emphasized the importance of maintaining stability and alliances among the residents of the First World. Their people would need somewhere safe to call home.

Finally, Doruk took some time to carefully consider the consequences of each course of action, weighing their pros and cons one by one. There was no perfect plan.

Emotions flared, and the once-harmonious discussion grew tense.

Avani, the Earth speaker, guarded their position with unwavering resolve.

Rhys, eyes blazing, grew accusatory, unable to see why they’d resist immediate action against the Intruder and their crew.

Anhe, with words flowing like a gentle river, tried to seek common ground with the others, and in doing so assumed a noncommittal stance.

Doruk continued weighing the pros and cons of each strategy with a prudent mind, though his analyses only seemed to intensify the debate.

The Hermit finished tying the intricate knot that would join each player’s section of the pentagonal board.

The Chain Of Trust

Chain of Trust,” the Hermit interrupted, “is a reflection of the world around us. While we may each view it from a different angle, every piece of the board is interconnected. With each piece that is played on the board, every other piece gets inevitably tugged in a direction, and the balance shifts.”

As the players quieted down and started to take turns adding tokens to the board’s five strings, the Hermit began to weave the oldest tale of them all.

“In the days before Time, long before the birth of the Phoenix and the First World, the Elements danced with one another in a perfectly harmonic maelstrom.

“Much like a well-played game,” the Hermit mused, as Avani passed the turn to them, “their chaos was balanced, for a time. But eventually, as it always does, the delicate equilibrium began to falter.”

Flipping the hourglass, the Hermit gave Avani a knowing wink, and placed a token upon a String. “Back to you, Avani.”

She seized the opportunity with a slight nod, claiming all six tokens upon the String.

“With each vying for dominance over the others, it seemed that the cosmos was doomed.”

The Hermit claimed the tokens on the String that Avani had set up for him, in turn. He saved all of the tokens to the Vault: a prudent move. The balance of the game was now, without a doubt, in favor of Earth and Wood.

“Yet, in the end, balance will always find a way to restore itself, one way or another.”