The fate of The First World lies in your hands.

Will you be the Hero the Prophecy foretold?

Welcome to the First World, traveler. A place where chaos and order intertwine, where the raw forces of the Elements dance in eternal harmony. I have witnessed the ebb and flow of this mystical realm for years beyond count, observing the rise and fall of civilizations, the triumphs and tragedies that shape the course of destiny.

In the embrace of these ancient woods, I have discovered the secrets whispered by the winds, felt the earth’s steady pulse beneath my feet, and witnessed the fiery passion that ignites the soul. I have gazed upon the shimmering rivers that carry the wisdom of ages and beheld the strength of mountains that stand as sentinels of time.

But the harmony of the First World is now threatened, my friend. Humanity’s insatiable greed has tipped the delicate balance and plunged this realm into disarray. The Pillars, embodiments of the Elements themselves, yearn for unity once more. Our world awaits the Hero prophesied to rise from the ashes and restore equilibrium.

Will you be the Hero chosen by fate to walk the path of the Elements?

Prepare yourself, dear traveler, for a journey beyond imagination, where legends and elemental forces collide. Uncover the mysteries that lie dormant within these lands, forge alliances with the Pillars, and reclaim the harmony that has been lost. The future of the First World lies in your hands.