In the beginning, there was only Chaos.

From this primeval discord, the Elements were born.

The Five Elements are raw forces of primordial energy: powers of creation, control, and destruction. They are the source of all energy in the universe, and the source of all life. They can be found, in their purest form, in a mystical place that appeared before any other: The First World.

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water became inextricably woven into an endless cycle of perfect equilibrium.

"The vibrant growth of WOOD brings forth renewal and vitality, fostering creativity and determination in all who embrace its energetic spirit."

"FIRE’s blazing passion and inspiration ignites the soul, fueling motivation and ambition to reach new heights of greatness."

"The solid foundation of EARTH provides a nurturing and stable environment for growth, creating a sense of security and grounding in all who bask in its soothing presence."

"The cool and refined strength of METAL embodies resilience and clarity of mind, sharpening focus and cultivating a powerful sense of purpose."

"The fluid and adaptable nature of WATER flows with grace and ease, imbuing wisdom and flexibility to overcome obstacles and adapt to any challenge."

Dance of the First World

When the First World emerged, it was a place of pure Chaos.

From the Five Elements’ maelstrom of creation, destruction, and control, the Twelve Pillars were born: twelve legendary creatures, spiritual embodiments of the Elements, who strove to maintain the Elemental Equilibrium and give order to its cycle.

Each of them adopted a role and set to work. These efforts shaped the First World into a lush landscape, free from the flow of Time.

Together, their cyclical Dance granted the First World stability.

The Lay of the Land

The Forest thrives under Tiger’s watchful eyes
As Ox toils away, clearing canopies for skies.
Wood begets Fire, for Rabbit feeds the flame.
Standing sentinel is Snake, playing Phoenix’s Game.

The Volcano’s breath births the mightiest peaks.
Horse treads and tamps them, ranging high crests and low creeks.
The Mountains sleep and Dragon guards their deep
Peaceful slumber from the Spiretop Keep.

Mountains bear ore, precious and divine,
While Rooster mines away with unwavering spine.
Monkey shapes the fruit with sedulous skill and art,
Crafting Pipes that hum to the beat of their heart.

The Pipes birth the River, which sings with grace,
Guided by Rat to its rightful place.
Under Dog‘s tireless gaze it flows far and free,
Towards the endless shores – a wondrous place to be.

The eternal Sea rests under Pig‘s keen eye,
The perfect home for the ends of the Sky.
Seed and sapling are sown by Goat‘s nurturing hand,
And thus repeats the Lay of the Land.

The Rise of Humanity

From the endless, cyclical rhythm of the Five Elements and the Twelve Pillars, a steady stream of energy was created.

This elemental energy coalesced into countless worlds, and with them a menagerie of creatures sprang into existence. In at least one of these worlds, humanity was born and quickly rose to prominence. Humanity drank from the Water, walked the Earth, cut down the Wood, and harnessed the Fire in order to shape Metal. Most of humanity lived in harmony with the Elements of the world, becoming a peaceful part of the cycle.

But some developed a vile trait: Greed. A perpetual hunger for moreFueled by their greed, many of these humans acquired power. Once they had consumed everything within reach, the most twisted took up the ultimate challenge: finding a passage to the First World and claiming the power of the Elements for themselves. Eventually, they succeeded.

Countless times, humanity has invaded the First World, never able to satiate their desire to harvest more of its riches. Everytime they did, they left the timeless place with a scar. The Pillars grew angry, and conflict erupted amongst them, plunging the First World into chaos and disrupting the delicate elemental balance.

The Prophecy of the Phoenix foretold the arrival of a Hero who would unify the Pillars and restore the Elemental Equilibrium.