The First World

Earth Realm

The Earth Realm has always been a place of peace and stability, grounded in traditional values and a deep connection to the land, community, and family.

Following the infamous De La Noche’s invasion of the First World, speakers from the Five Elemental Realms came together and founded a City at the heart of the Earth Realm as a peaceful sanctuary for all of the inhabitants of the First World.

As the universe plunged deeper into imbalance, however, the city also became tainted by chaos and upheaval. Pollution has become rampant, resources are rapidly depleting, and social unrest threatens to tear at the fabric of society.

Wood Realm

This lush region is abundant with towering trees, vibrant flora and fauna, and a creative and adventurous spirit that inspires all who inhabit it to reach for the sky.

The Wood Realm, now scarred by deforestation, is under constant threat of flooding and wildfires. Despite the efforts of the Tiger Lord, the Circle of Rhythms, and those locals brave enough to have stayed behind, myriad species of plants and animals have been pushed to the brink of extinction.

FIRE Realm

Nestled within the heart of this volcano lies a thriving community of salamanders, protected by a majestic phoenix. However, the tranquil scene within the crater has been drastically altered by the construction of a power plant atop it.

The energy corporation WOP’s audacious power theft from the volcano enraged the Horse, resulting in a rampage that damaged the power lines. Paradoxically, this worsened the situation, causing the power plant to spiral into chaos, spawning electric monstrosities.

In response, the Dragon clashed with the enraged Horse, their relentless battle continuing to this day.


Stretching across the horizon, the sea displays a frozen expanse, adorned with towering icebergs. Moving toward the Forest, warmth emerges, nurturing young trees.

In the early days of the First World, human fishermen arrived, seeking the sea’s riches. Over time, trade routes transformed the fishing village into a bustling city, driven by profit-obsessed merchants. They corrupted the noble Pig, who neglected his duty, saddening the Sea.


In the Metal Realm, rolling hills held a gleaming clock tower, watched over by colossal warehouses producing charming robots. Deeper in, metal Pipes fed a roaring river.

Centuries ago, the Dog introduced the Architect, a human craftsman, to the First World. The Architect built a monumental clock, but this attracted more humans. After his passing, Thalesthris Inc. repurposed his workshop into the Alloy Factory, connecting the two worlds with its ceaseless production of automatons.