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Hundreds of years ago, a human named De La Noche learned the secret of how to traverse the Way Between Worlds. On their first visit, he and his crew scouted out the Five Elemental Realms and secured alliances where they could, particularly in the Fishing Village at the heart of the Water Realm.

Word quickly spread that his aim was to find the legendary Fountain of Youth, source of the Water of Eternal Life that flowed throughout the First World. The people back on his world were ravaged by a plague with no cure – without water from the Fountain, he would lose everyone who depended on him, and everyone he loved.

He was led to the heart of the Wood Realm, which was believed to be home to the sacred caves of the Fountain of Youth. They took as much of the Water of Eternal Life as the Pillars would allow and returned to their world.

When he returned years later, there was a clear, unbridled hunger in his eyes. While De La Noche may have first arrived with pure, altruistic motives, there was no doubt that his mind had grown tainted by greed.

The Water of the Fountain of Youth was far more potent than he had originally thought – now, he sought immortality. On his second visit, armed with steel and cannons, he was determined to take over the Fountain. But the Ox was ready for him.

The Ox, Pillar of Strength and Resilience, had constructed a fortress around the Sacred Caves. Raising ancestral spirits as guardians, the Ox descended upon De La Noche’s crew with a fury that had never been seen in the First World. This shifted the delicate balance one step closer towards a chaos which would consume the First World.

Five Speakers, representatives of the Elemental Realms, met in a quiet corner of the First World to discuss the future of the First World’s inhabitants. These Five would go down in history as the Founders of the Earth City.