The 12 Pillars

The Tiger

This mighty Pillar represents courage and protection, standing as a guardian against any threat to the delicate balance of the forest. With a fierce and powerful spirit, the Tiger embodies strength and acts as a sentinel of the woodlands.

The Ox

Stalwart and determined, the Ox is a symbol of hard work and perseverance. As a protector of the Fountain of Youth, the Ox has built a fortress around it and surrounded themselves with deadly traps and undead spirits.

The Rabbit

With a gentle and nurturing spirit, the Rabbit ensures that the volcano is nourished and fed, providing a foundation for the Fire Realm’s creative energy.

The Snake

Mysterious and agile, the Snake guards the volcano, channeling its fiery energy in a productive and sustainable way. Enshrouded in secrecy, the Snake’s exact whereabouts remain unknown to the general public.

The Horse

Symbolizing freedom and adventure, the Horse tamps down the mountains born of the erupting volcano, forging paths and creating space for new growth.

The Dragon

Majestic and powerful, the Dragon fiercely guards the mountains, protecting them from those who seek to exploit their resources.

The Rooster

With a keen eye for detail and precision, the Rooster mines the ore born of the mountain, ensuring it is extracted with care and attention.

The Monkey

Clever and creative, the Monkey is a master craftsman who shapes and maintains the Great Pipes that birth the river.

The Rat

Resourceful and adaptable, the Rat guides the flow of the river with a steady hand, ensuring it moves smoothly and efficiently through the First World. Concealed within the depths of the sewers, the Rat remains hidden from the prying eyes of the public.

The Dog

Loyal and protective, the Dog stands guard over the river, defending it against any who seek to harm its life-giving waters.

The Pig

With a gentle and nurturing spirit, the Pig protects the vast and mighty sea, ensuring it remains a source of life and abundance.

The Goat

A figure of peace, renewal, and growth, the Goat plants the seeds and waters the forest, playing a central role in maintaining the cycle of death and rebirth.