You are currently viewing Game Maker 0.9 Unveiled: Our Impressions and Discoveries from the Front Lines

We’ve been digging into Game Maker 0.9 and it’s pretty rad. Here’s a quick rundown of our first impressions and the cool new stuff you’ll want to know about!

Feature Spotlight

The introduction of new mechanics stats opens up a world of potential, particularly for creating immersive survival games. “Hunger” mechanics give a realistic player experience, while the addition of poison components adds an element of danger, inflicting damage based on accumulation.

In-game shopping experiences with the ability to craft vibrant marketplaces. It’s possible to Implement a merchant character and introduce a currency system to enable players to purchase items and upgrades. Imagine wielding a mighty sword, acquired through collecting 10 coins – the possibilities are endless. These captivating gameplay mechanics not only elevate the player experience but also provide new opportunities for developers to monetize and extend the longevity of their games.

Possibly the most significant game-changer in this update is a long-awaited feature: variables. Say goodbye to complex workarounds. With variables, developers can now create and store numbers, compare them, and even generate random numbers. Picture this: two distinct paths, A and B, and players embark on a randomized journey based on a number they receive at the start.

Customization of the in-game Heads Up Display (HUD) provides greater flexibility. Display crucial information such as the player’s current score or the amount of money they are carrying.

Furthermore, the addition of warning logs simplifies the rule-building process by providing easy access to warning and error messages. No longer do developers need to rely solely on trial and error; they can now fine-tune their rule systems with greater efficiency and accuracy.

But the improvements don’t stop there. Game Maker 0.9 empowers creators to exert greater control over time trials, facilitating the creation of quests that incentivize racing against the clock. Furthermore, players can compare their individual times with others, fostering a competitive environment with dynamic leaderboards.

Multiplayer enthusiasts will also appreciate the ability to define personalized checkpoints for each player, injecting strategic depth and individualized experiences.

Game Maker 0.9 and Beyond

The preview of Game Maker 0.9 gives us a taste of the thrilling new features that await. This update has the potential to revolutionize game development on The Sandbox by enhancing replayability and introducing intricately designed mechanics. The rewards of pushing our boundaries and embracing innovation in game design are boundless. So, buckle up and prepare to immerse yourself in the possibilities that Game Maker 0.9 brings to the table – a transformative experience that promises to shape the future of game creation and redefine the way games are played in The Sandbox.

We’re deep into developing ELEMENTS over on The Sandbox. Plus, keep an eye out for our fully on-chain social strategy game, Chain of Trust. Not just that, we’re also building some cool projects like Women in Tech, Dogami and Cyberkongz (in co-production with the cool team from the SandRush). Stay tuned, lots coming your way soon!