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The universe of ELEMENTS is set to officially launch on The Sandbox in Season 4!

Join us for a sneak peek of our rich IP that will soon be available on multiple platforms!

ELEMENTS Unleashed: Restoring Harmony in The Mystical First World

ELEMENTS On The Sandbox is an enchanting action-adventure game. It unfolds in the mystical First World, where the player is entrusted with a monumental task – restoring harmony to a universe teetering on the edge of chaos.

As the hero, you will embark on a journey through the enigmatic First World, gradually uncovering its hidden truths and forming alliances with the Twelve Pillars, the legendary guardians of the Five Elements. Along the way, you will encounter a diverse array of creatures and befriend vibrant characters, each with their own compelling narratives and intriguing backstories.

The Three Pillars Of Gameplay: Exploration, Problem Solving, and Combat

Our team of game and level designers are pushing the envelope to showcase the very best gameplay that The Sandbox can offer. Players will navigate meticulously crafted environments, battling a variety of adversaries and solving intricate puzzles for the Pillars of the First World.

The game is set to take place in five different LANDs of The Sandbox, each of which will be dedicated to one Elemental Realm of the First World. These realms are the homes of primordial Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water – we will be going over these in more detail very soon on our website!

A Visual Masterpiece: The NABIYA Touch

Since its inception, Studio NABIYA has been committed to being at the forefront of the artistic avant garde of Web3 gaming. You will find NABIYA’s touch throughout this dreamlike universe: expect to be mesmerized at every turn. Hand-crafting everything from our signature kinetic sculptures to the colorful characters and creatures found within, our artists have breathed life into the First World.

ELEMENTS: Coming To The Sandbox in Season 4

In Season 4, players on The Sandbox will be able to explore the first two Realms of ELEMENTS: the urban sprawl at the heart of the Earth Realm, and the untamed wilderness of the Wood Realm. The Earth Realm will be playable as a multiplayer hub full of life and activity, whereas the Wood Realm will be home to a classic single-player adventure.

Are you ready to restore harmony to a world in need?

Keep an eye out for more information about this project, as well as our fully on-chain game, ELEMENTS: Chain Of Trust – the favorite pastime of the people of the First World! To stay updated on all things ELEMENTS, be sure to follow our official channels and subscribe for exclusive updates!